oadames copyStop Cyber Threats before they Stop You Odislene Adames, Senior Network Engineer, Custom Computer Specialists Custom Computer Specialists
  Information security has become trendy again. Perhaps in response to complacency, something critical needs to occur in order for individuals and companies to realize that protecting information should be a continuing process until it’s considered a habit. Nowadays, information is ubiquitous, requiring increasingly sophisticated measures to protect it. However, truth be told, the same fundamental concepts are still the base of that habit, and every security plan should start by taking things seriously….read more  
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Unlocking the Potential of IoT James Lochrie, Sales Manager Custom Computer Specialists
  Your smartphone alarm goes off at 6:00 am. The coffee maker beckons with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and your porch light shuts itself off. You inquire about the day’s weather forecast and your voice-controlled device responds. You shower, dress, and slip your fitness tracker on your wrist, all while your car warms itself up. You get to work and can’t remember if you locked the front door. Don’t worry! There’s an app for that! Welcome to the brave new world of “IoT” or the Internet of Things…read more
Dialing into the Advantages of VoIP Matthew Berk, System Engineer Custom Computer Specialists
  One of the first and most critical decisions a company makes is how to ensure reliable communications internally, as well as with clients and vendors. The trend to cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol, referred to as “VoIP” is growing and becoming much more prevalent as companies large and small realize the various benefits. VoIP offers telecommunications over broadband internet, allowing users to integrate their telecommunications with data, email and video conferencing, making it effortless to bundle your phone, mobile, web and other communication services together. What advantages can you expect when you convert to VoIP?…read more
The Pitfalls, Performance and Planning of WLAN Kyriakos Kaimis, Vice President of Technology Custom Computer Specialists
  Designing and implementing a high-performance wireless network that meets your needs and works the way you anticipate requires solid planning, the proper design tools, and a lot of experience. Really, A LOT of experience. Otherwise all of your time, energy and effort will mean nothing. Many wireless network designs don’t deliver as promised. Why? What derails their success? Designing an easy to manage, robust, secure wireless network can be a complicated endeavor with inherent challenges and common mistakes…read more   d oconnell pic
The Cloud’s Silver Lining Dennis O’Connell, Director of Healthcare Solutions Custom Computer Specialists
  Healthcare facilities have a huge responsibility when handling electronic patient health information. Compliance with government directives (HIPAA), patient privacy, and the availability of essential data are all important considerations. But what happens in the event of a disaster or network downtime? During a large-scale emergency like a flood, storm or power outage, your most immediate consideration, obviously, is the safety and well-being of your residents and staff. But once everybody’s health and safety are confirmed, it’s time to address other challenges, specifically, facilitating the recovery of critical data and the continuation of crucial systems during a disaster, appropriately known as disaster recovery…read more  
Maryann Benzola picThe Doctor Will “See” You Now MaryAnn Benzola, Director of Marketing Custom Computer Specialists
  It all started as an outlandish idea in 1924 where doctors would use robotic fingers and a projected video feed to examine patients from afar.  By 2020, telehealth is projected to be a $34 billion industry and is expanding far beyond its primary usage of delivering care to patients in remote areas.  Telehealth today is a combination of point of care video collaboration systems, remote scope exam cameras and Bluetooth enabled stethoscopes, all supported by telehealth workflow software – making virtual care synonymous with in-person care…read more
5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Planning for a Disaster  Kyriakos Kaimis, Vice President of Technology Custom Computer Specialists
  We’ve all heard the stories of businesses that were so severely damaged during a disaster that they were left with no choice but to shut their doors. The aftereffects of a disaster — lost data, damaged technology — can destroy your business. But with a proper disaster recovery plan in place all of this can be avoided. Simply stated, a disaster recovery plan is a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect your IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.  While that sounds simple enough, often organizations overlook potential pitfalls that can result in costly losses…read more
d oconnell picThe Power of Partnership Brainstorm:1, Thunderstorm:0 Dennis O’Connell, Director of Healthcare Sales Custom Computer Specialists
  The North Fork of Long Island is home to sprawling vineyards, rustic countryside, and acres of lush farm land. It is also home to many senior citizens who enjoy an active lifestyle at Peconic Landing. Nestled between a vineyard and a golf course on Long Island’s bucolic North Fork, is Long Island’s only nationally accredited Lifecare Community. Residents at Peconic Landing “chart their own course” and can live independently in a cottage or apartment, later moving to more supervised accommodations or nursing care as needs arise. The technology used at a community such as Peconic Landing is as multi-faceted as the residents’ needs. Toward that end, Peconic Landing chose to partner with Custom Computer Specialists (Custom) to manage their technology implementations and monitor their day-to-day operations…read more
kwygand1Five Tips for Developing A Network Security Strategy Kenneth Wygand, Director  Custom Computer Specialists
  Target, eBay, Amazon, Home Depot, Blue Cross, Sony, JP Morgan. The list reads like a “Who’s Who” in global business and industry. But the members of this club have a much more unfortunate connection: They’ve been hacked. And if it can happen to these international bastions of business, it can happen to your organization as well. In fact, hackers are shifting their focus to small and medium-sized businesses, school districts, and municipalities, as larger companies improve their network security in the wake of such high-profile — and costly — breaches…read more
Fight the Power (Outages)icohen picjpg Ira Cohen, Sales Manager Custom Computer Specialists
  You’ve invested a lot of money and time planning and implementing your organization’s technology and security. You’ve put all of the firewalls and safety measures in place to protect your data. But wait…aren’t you forgetting something? As part of your comprehensive business continuity plan, it is important to consider a strategy to deal with power failures. Whether caused by storms, high winds, fallen trees, ice, erratic electrical grids, or human error, power outages lead to lost data, damaged equipment, lost revenue, and frustration. American businesses lose about $50 billion annually due to power failures. This statistic emphasizes the necessity for a reliable backup plan…read more