FUTURE READY SCHOOLS — NJ Certification Assessments

Future Ready Schools

Schedule your Future Ready Schools – NJ Certification Assessment with Custom today!

The K12 team at Custom is committed to supporting New Jersey schools transition to the digital future, and to helping you meet the standards of Future Ready Schools — New Jersey (FRS-NJ). We are especially proud to be a member of the FRS-NJ Technology Support and Services task force. This task force focuses on two of the national Future Ready components: robust infrastructure and data and privacy.

With almost 40 years of experience, Custom is uniquely prepared to guide your district through the FRS- NJ certification process by identifying gaps in your digital readiness and ensuring that your district is technology ready, network ready, and device ready. This comprehensive assessment includes an evaluation of the following:
  • Security
  • Network
  • Server
  • Wireless
  • DR/BCP
  • Business Impact
  • Skills
Once your assessment is completed, you will receive a roadmap that will guide you through the FRS-NJ certification process, including:
  • Regulatory compliance analysis
  • Technical gap analysis
  • Security gap analysis
  • Skill-set alignment/gap analysis
  • Administrative and instructional application integration and analysis
  • Bandwidth gap analysis
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Budget and timeline for upgrading your network and enhancing security
Additional assessment components can be added, such as:
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
The complexity and constantly evolving nature of IT governance, risk management and compliance requires a range of expertise and experience that is all but impossible to maintain internally. Let the experts at Custom help you ensure that your district is ready to meet Future Ready Schools – NJ certification. Schedule your Future Ready Schools – NJ Certification Assessment with Custom today!