Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation – Solid IT


Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation (“Parker”) is a nationally recognized, non-profit center for the health care and rehabilitation of adults. Licensed by the New York State Department of Health, Parker is at the forefront of innovations in patient-centered care and technology. Parker and Long Island Jewish Medical Center implemented the first electronic medical transfer using the CCITI NY (Continuum of Care Improvement Through Information -New York) Electronic Transfer Form System – a highly significant step for improving patient care and reducing unnecessary medical costs associated with the transfer of patients across the continuum of care.

The Challenge

In 2001, Parker was faced with the challenge of updating aging and antiquated systems. From physical infrastructure to network switches, network cabling, servers, telephones and cabling, desktops, operating systems and applications – Parker’s entire IT environ¬ment was in desperate need of a top-to-bottom update. Committed to building a world-class Information Technology environment, Parker brought on board a new Director of Information Systems (IS) to lead the transformation. The desire, resources and leadership were in place. The only missing ingredient was the team.

A Choice of Paths

The new Director of IS had options available to him in tackling this formidable portfolio of projects. At a high level, these options boiled down to one critical decision; build the team or chose an IT solutions partner to provide supplemental staffing. Building the team would require recruiting, onboarding and training which would take at least 3-6 months. Time was a commodity in short supply.

The Solution

Rather than go to either extreme, the Director of IS opted for both. For the longer-term staffing needs (application support, database administration) he opted to slowly build his own team. For the specialized engineering and immediate support needs, he chose to partner with Custom Computer Specialists (“Custom”), a technology solutions provider that specializes in meeting the IT support staffing needs of long term care facilities.

The Result

Parker was able to complete an ambitious upgrade of their entire IT infrastructure in a matter of a few short years. Parker utilized Custom to provide the engineering, support and deployment expertise necessary to deliver complex projects ahead of schedule and under budget. “Custom Computer Specialists has helped Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation obtain optimum value from our information technology investments,” said Michael N. Rosenblut, President and CEO at Parker. “They provide solutions that meet our complex needs and high expectations.” Parker and Custom continue to work together to build an IT environment that positions Parker to integrate new technologies at the speed of change. The environment and challenges have evolved since the relationship began, but the approach and the partnership remain strong.