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City & State On Education

City & State has gathered leaders in education, government, advocacy and business to discuss the implementation of technology in classrooms and STEM curriculum across New York and the current debate regarding evaluations testing, school closures and more.

On this discussion panel will be Custom Computer Specialists Cynthia Getz, Senior Manager of the New York City account team.

Here is more about Cynthia….

Cynthia began her career helping educators focus on the infusion of technology to support the transformation of the learning experiences that result in higher levels of achievement for students.   She served on several school technology committees and for over twenty years has been a member of New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education and the International Society of Technology and Education.  She spent many years as a member of the Junior League of Buffalo focusing on the welfare of children and their education needs and for many years she participated in Principal for a Day under PENCIL, the Public Education needs Civic Involvement in Learning organization.

Cynthia truly believes that technology is a valuable tool for acquiring information and for thinking and communicating in order for our students to become successful learners. This belief led her to create the Professional Development Group at Custom which focused on implementing technology to maximize learning.

Most recently, Cynthia authored, Corporate Stewardship, an article that highlights her passion about cultivating partnerships between businesses and schools to develop and produce graduates who are proficient in STEM fields.