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Visit Custom at booth #404 to learn why for over 35 years, Custom’s education technology consulting and implementation in schools has afforded us a unique perspective of technology’s evolving influence in the classroom.

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Title: Bad People Want Your Students Data
Date & Time: Wednesday, October 19: 10:00a-10:55a
Session Description:  Data security breaches used to be what happened in “other” industries and “Corporate America.” Large companies have improved their network security in the wake of many high profile and costly data breaches. As a result, hackers have shifted some of their focus to softer targets, like schools and municipalities. The burgeoning BYOD (bring your own device) environment has introduced personal smartphones and tablets to the mix, heralding a new set of security challenges that many school districts aren’t prepared for.
Suzanne McLaughlin, Vice President and General Manager, Custom Computer Specialists
Robert Hamel, Public Sector Specialists, Custom Computer Specialists

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