Welcome to Custom’s K-12 Scavenger Hunt

Thank you for participating in the Custom K-12 Scavenger Hunt.  Not only will you have fun, but if you correctly answer the ten questions below you will receive coffee and donuts for your team. Plus, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win two Cisco Telepresence SX10 units for your school!

All of the answers to the below questions can be found throughout the site.

Once you’ve located the answers, click here to submit your responses.

  1. Which school district is quoted on the K-12 Education Page?
  2. Approximately how many children attend PS 152 Gwendoline N. Alleyne School?
  3. What student information system is Custom the Northeast Channel Partner for?
  4. Approximately how many school districts does Custom support with onsite specialists on a daily basis?
  5. Which school described Custom’s project managers as having a “synergistic mix of tact, grit and determination”?
  6. According to our K-12 infographic what is the top reason students use technology?
  7. How much money per year did Custom help Valley Stream Central School District save?
  8. What school maximized the educational experience with server and desktop virtualization?
  9. E-Rate funded services are defined as what?
  10. Which vendor’s solution is featured in -the BYOD webinar?