Professional Development

Whether yours is a manufacturing firm, a retail operation, or an educational institution, your business has to be more agile – and more competitive – than ever before. Technology can help you achieve that edge, but tapping into its power can present complex challenges for organizations that don’t have the matching skill set, time, or budget. Custom Professional Development Services provide the essential mentoring and training to empower your own resources with the critical skills and knowledge to integrate technology – and competitive advantage – into your organization.

Enabling Technology in Your Environment

Part of our comprehensive IT Professional Services offerings, Custom’s professional development services are focused on transferring essential technical knowledge and skills through close mentoring and guidance. Custom offers professional development for organizations across all industries. We also deliver significant specialized expertise that enables educational institutions – both K-12 and higher education – to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their environments. Each organization and each learner’s needs are different – which is why our professional development services are customized to deliver the most impact. Whether you are integrating devices such as iPads or SMART whiteboards, want to maximize your use of industry-focused tools, or need to perform ongoing software upgrades and maintenance to your office desktops, Custom aligns our training with your specific technology needs.

Our Proven 6-Step Methodology

Using our proven methodology, Custom professional developers collaborate with your organization to develop and deliver an effective, ongoing professional development coaching-mentoring model that focuses on the integration of technology into your environment:
  1. Engage – Custom engages you and your stakeholders by gathering information to assess learning objectives, desired outcomes, needs, skill levels, and existing professional practices. Participants complete a pre-assessment survey to gauge their technological proficiency and needs.
  2. Customize – We use the information collected from our Engage session to develop curriculum and training materials collaboratively for effective technology integration in the classroom.
  3. Create – Our hands-on, scenario-based approach to professional learning enables learners to use technology proficiently, and leverage its benefits.
  4. Coach / Model – We facilitate the implementation of the identified goals through coaching and modeling. Emphasis is on integrating, utilizing, and managing the technology in the environment.
  5. Apply – Under the guidance of our Professional Developer, participants hone their new skills and build confidence as they apply their knowledge to implement the identified goals.
  6. Reflect / Evaluate – Participants are encouraged to reflect on the learning process and complete a post-assessment survey to evaluate their development. The results of these evaluations directly contribute to future professional development plans

Teachable Moments

Technology enables your workers to be more productive and more effective in their jobs. Through our guidance and customized training, Custom empowers them to incorporate technology into their workday, helping them understand how to use it, allowing them to tap into its benefits – and in the process, making you more competitive and agile as an organization.