Today’s users are accustomed to anytime-anywhere access to information and resources – and that includes your corporate systems and applications. Custom wireless networking solutions help you provide the convenience of wireless mobile communications and data access with the performance of a wired network.

Anytime-Anywhere Access

Custom IT engineering experts can help you deliver on the increasing user demand for convenience. Our innovative wireless networking solutions turn your office into a secure wireless hotspot for your workers and guests. From continuous connections for conference room meetings to supporting popular mobility and BYOD trends, Custom wireless solutions offer high performance and remote access over a wireless network that keeps your users productive and their access secure. Our wireless networking solutions:
  • Provide a continuous network connection throughout your location
  • Allow users to move freely while remaining connected to corporate resources
  • Reduce cabling cost
  • Support BYOD with a secure connection
  • Reduce time-to-learn
  • Allow scalability and growth with the company without the need of extra equipment
  • Unify management and monitoring services
  • Deliver real-time access to applications, information, and other network resources
  • 802.11ac
  • Band select
  • Clean air
  • Client link (beam forming)
  • Video stream
Custom is a Cisco partner and utilizes innovative and advanced Cisco wireless products and services to provide an integrated wireless (WLAN) solution that meets your most demanding business and environmental challenges.

Convenience Delivered

Custom has been on the front lines throughout the dramatic evolution of wireless networking. Today, we incorporate the most advanced technologies in our innovative, convenient, and secure wireless solutions. As a Cisco partner, Custom has access to Cisco’s latest advancements, in-depth training, and leading products. Our IT engineering specialists are certified in Cisco wireless technologies, and implement your solution using industry and manufacturer best practices to ensure an optimal solution.