Find Out How to Make Virtual Reality a Reality in the Classroom

Join Custom Computer Specialists on May 10th for this invitation only event at Microsoft Walt Whitman and find out how to engage your students’ joy of learning by incorporating virtual reality in the classroom.  When your students visualize data and work with complex concepts in 3D, they can reach new dimensions of understanding while exploring the world from within the classroom walls.  At this hands-on event you will be part of the demonstration of Windows Mixed Reality that offers everything from immersive and casual games to 360° travel videos!

Please Register Here for Virtual Reality:


Immerse Your Students in a New Reality

1.  Fosters Collaboration and motivates Students

2. Immerses users into a virtual world that they can explore as if they were in the real world

3. Crates future problem-solvers and critical thinkers

4. Bridges conceptual learning with real-world learning

5. Better prepares students for higher education